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Zim Kids
Creative coding workshop

Everything you need to teach coding is here!

Created by Professor Dan Zen, 'Zim Kids' is a visual and rewarding way to introduce children to coding. This online coding workshop is curriculum aligned and delivered in bite-sized chunks where students are introduced to a concept and immediately get to type some code and see stunning results. Support materials are exceptional too with a video library and sections dedicated to teaching and learning.

eChalk is so impressed with Zim we use it to create our own games and simulations. It has never been easier to create beautiful interactivity with so little code.

Head over to Zim Kids to start learning to code, but before you do I recommend watching the introductory video on 'How to use Zim Kids'.

Zim Kids
creative coding workshop
Click here to start learning for the fun of it!


How to use Zim Kids
How to use Zim Kids Tablet enabled - iPad | Android | more...

This video explains how to use the online coding workshop.

Zim Kids overview for teachers
Zim Kids overview for teachers Tablet enabled - iPad | Android | more...

A brief overview of the Zim Kids creative coding environment and a guide to the support materials available to teachers.

General resources

Square breathing
Square breathing Tablet enabled - iPad | Android | more...

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Take yourself to a place of peace and calm in only five minutes with this tried-and-tested technique.