eChalk terms and conditions

We think it's important that anyone who reads our Terms & Conditions is able to understand them so they are written in plain English.

The website is owned and run by eChalk Ltd; a UK limited company.

You must agree to the Terms & Conditions if you use the website or buy something from us. If you do not agree with our Terms & Conditions you must not use the website or any of our other products.

Conditions of use

The aim of these terms is to provide as much flexibility and ease of use for legitimate users while protecting eChalk from misuse of the service:

  • Our resources are for the benefit of teachers and pupils that attend the school that purchased the subscription. The school must not provide access to eChalk resources, by any means, to anyone else.
  • Any form of redistribution or reselling is strictly prohibited.
  • eChalk reserves the right to cancel access if abuse is suspected.
  • All rights in the content remain with eChalk Ltd (e.g. copyright and intellectual property).
  • You are not permitted to make derivative works from our materials (e.g. you cannot use our code, images or animations to create a new resource).
  • You can take screen shots of the resources to include in worksheets and other printed media as long as it is only distributed amongst the teachers and students attending your school. You are not permitted to distribute our material in any format (e.g. printed, digital, via a website) to persons outside of your school.
  • Any special requirements can be addressed by contacting eChalk.